Emma, Caucasian
300 Euro
  • Emma, Caucasian
  • Passionate and sensual GFE experience among other services. To me, it's of the utmost importance the we both enjoy our time together.
    I am a 21 year-old independent lady from Sweden, currently studying in Japan for another few months.
Sayuri, Asian, VIP
40,000 JPY
  • Sayuri, Asian, VIP
  • Your exciting Osaka Independent! I'm an internationally educated, conservative, yet sexy, young business woman by day; and a naughty, playful ball of energy by night!
    I get a great deal of enjoyment out of satisfying desires in addition to ensuring relaxation and comfort!
Kurumi, Asian
22,000 JPY
  • Kurumi, Asian
  • My name is Kurumi.I have not worked in escort service, so I am insecure.But I will do my best.
    I go to a career college of fashion design. I like all kinds of beautiful and cute things, not only clothes but also beauty care, furnitures and interior, movies, music and so on
Yuuka, Asian
22,000 JPY
  • Yuuka, Asian
  • Hello. My name is Yuuka. I have no experience in adult service, so I am uncertain. I will learn hard to entertain all of you.
    People say I look cute and younger. I am pretty shy, so I cannot talk a lot at first sight. But you will see another respect of me when we get close.
Sana, Asian
22,000 JPY
  • Sana, Asian
  • Hello, everyone! I am Sena.☆I am very tense. Everything here is new to me.Umm... I need help.
    So I am happy if you know about me reading this.☆If you do not mind, please read all.(*^^*)
Mayu, Asian
22,000 JPY
  • Mayu, Asian
  • Hello. My name is Mayu.♪Thank you very much for looking at my profile!After you read my profile, you will know about me more.
    Let’s start with my character・・・People around me say I look relaxing and soothing!
Kyoko, Asian
22,000 JPY
  • Kyoko, Asian
  • Hello. I am Kyoko.I was often told I am relaxing and fun. And curious or bright☆
    I like nature like sea and mountains, animals, traveling, cooking and drinking.
Sayuri, Asian
22,000 JPY
  • Sayuri, Asian
  • Hello. I am Sayuri! I hope that we can have sweet time by ourselves and that I can make your body and heart relax when you are tired after sightseeing or working.
    It is my pleasure if I can be your comfort.
Sachi, Asian
22,000 JPY
  • Sachi, Asian
  • Hello. I am Sachi.☆I appreciate my work. I can meet many people everyday.
    I like traveling abroad. Once I stayed long in America, I knew about escort girls. I was interested in the job, but my English was not enough fluent, so I gave up
Aoi, Asian
22,000 JPY
  • Aoi, Asian
  • Hello. My name is Aoi.Thank you for checking me among many girls. I am glad.
    I would like you to know about Aoi as much as possible, so please let me introduce myself.
Chika, Asian
22,000 JPY
  • Chika, Asian
  • Hello there. I am Chika! First… people say I am a quiet girl or in my own pace.But when you and I go into a hotel room, I change suddenly.
    I will be erotic and aggressive♪♪ I think I am bright and curious.☆
Yuri, Asian
22,000 JPY
  • Yuri, Asian
  • Hello! I am Yuri. I will introduce about me a little. This is first time for me to work in this business. So I am nervous.But staffs and other girls are nice to me. And especially customers like you are very nice.
    So I enjoy working here!
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