Kathy, Caucasian
  • Kathy, Caucasian
  • A mature and hot Canary Wharf escort, Kathy is a beautiful open minded model who will transform your fantasies into reality.
  • 250 GBP
Mira, Caucasian
  • Mira, Caucasian
  • Mira has a very easy going nature and if need be, she is happy for you to take the lead.
Karina, Caucasian
  • Karina, Caucasian
  • Karina is interesting and thrilling young lady. Her young, fresh and beautiful features along with those killer curves will capture anyone's attention!
Johnica, Caucasian
  • Johnica, Caucasian
  • Johnica is an amazing and impressive young lady. You will be instantly captured by her alluring appearance and demeanour. European born doll has a great figure and keeps in shape with yoga and pilates.
Jess, Caucasian
  • Jess, Caucasian
  • Jess has the most scrumptious, feminine curves with a beautiful hourglass shape and natural bust!
Gemma, Caucasian
  • Gemma, Caucasian
  • A young lady with stunning feminine charms who enjoys experiencing new things in life. Her personality holds much character, ranging from being intelligent, smart, funny and sexy in that innocent way.
Fernanda, Latina
  • Fernanda, Latina
  • Fernanda She is stunning and stylish, has asexy figure, a great dress sense, and a wardrobe full of very special things to amaze and astound you.
Dolly, Caucasian
  • Dolly, Caucasian
  • Dolly has a wonderful charisma and lady like charm. You only have to look at her beautiful feminine curves and great looks to know she will steal any man's heart.
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