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Karen, кавказский
  • Karen, кавказский
  • кавказский18 A sensual, seductive, kind and generous girl, full of enthusiasm and positive energy who in life strives for higher values, harmony, beauty and justice. She likes freedom and adventure. She is fully open to all new and loves meeting new people, cultures, art, philosophy, and learning. She loves art very much...
  • 400 Euro
Clara, кавказский
  • Clara, кавказский
  • кавказский26 Clara is a distinctive individuality, a fair, lively and friendly girl. She is very independent, original, swift and loves freedom. She is very dominant. She appreciates honesty. She likes differing from the others and has her own distinctive personal style. She needs a lot of contact, initiative and activities....
  • 250 Euro
Alexandra, кавказский
  • Alexandra, кавказский
  • кавказский18 A fascinating and charming, very soft and gentle young girl. Totally easygoing and friendly and loving positive things in life and harmony. She is full of deep emotion, human, very empathetic, and always comes up with good humor. She is an action girl, is able to assert herself and can get enthusiastic about ...
  • 300 Euro
Diana, кавказский
  • Diana, кавказский
  • кавказский25 A sensual, delicate and sensitive girl loving love, affection and attention. Spontaneously and without any problem she can switch to the new situations and likes meeting new people. Internally she is very flexible and open to anything new. But she always retains her independence and freedom....
  • 300 Euro
Monica, кавказский
  • Monica, кавказский
  • кавказский31 An optimistically founded, bright, communicative and tactful girl who likes to be in society and having fun. She is never bored, very enterprising and friendly and has her own style. It's hard to trap and bind her only for oneself because she likes her freedom and independence.
  • 300 Euro
Jennifer, кавказский
  • Jennifer, кавказский
  • кавказский22 A very independent and free thinking based girls. She tends to look at things from a distance and is very imaginative and resourceful. She looks for new values and meaning of life. She has lots of her own ideal. She is alive and riotously unbound, compassionate and fair. She is genuine and to each challenging.
  • 350 Euro
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