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Mistress Artemis, Athens, 80 Euro
  • Mistress Artemis, Athens, 80 Euro
  • Highly intelligent, educated and cultured, Mistress Artemis. A graceful and well spoken Lady, of youthful and chaste looks. She hides beneath this demeanour a most cunning and mischievous wickedness. This FemDom practitioner is an artist and takes much delight in the spontaneous and creative approach to BDSM. Caucasian
Naorys, Athens, 200 Euro
  • Naorys, Athens, 200 Euro
  • Do you have a rubber fetish? Bondage fetish? Foot fetish? I can already see that I will get along nicely if you do. Under my control you will do exactly as I desire. Relax, I’m professional and will respect your limits, so you're safe, but beware, this will hurt so good...Book me now and let's get started game. NCaucasian
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