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Japanese Escort Girls Club (Fukuoka)

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Japanese Escort Girls Club (Fukuoka)
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Although the female escorts are less open to non-Japanese, each women will still provide you with the most fulfilling service regardless.In order to prosper and gain more women to service non-Japanese customers like yourself, we ask that you treat your escort with the same respect as you would with a girlfriend
Scams have been around from the beginning of time.
In Japan, it has been common within the escort services using the same tactics used even during the Geisha days.

Being lied to is perhaps the most used scam on the market.
False claims and misleading information.

For instance saying the women is a virgin but in fact has had multiple partners being told the same lie.
Making the girl hard to see or very pampered at first to give you high expectations for your money, but just ended up to be a below average women.
Even at times they may send a complete different person from your request.

There are small-time escort agencies etc that only have a very few women and have to upload blurred fake profiles in order to show they have more women available.
Blurring a girls photos is supposed to be for privacy but in fact companies will do it to hide the girl’s ugliness as well. (It’s easier than to Photoshop)

Escort agencies are in fact a business and need to make a quota in order to keep the women and the bosses happy.
When customers are low, they will do whatever it takes to get your reservation.
For example, they may include extra services (illegal) or do some kind of sale to get your approval. This does not mean the service will be any better though.
If using a credit card or when you pay the girl, they might just take your money and give you no service!

Worst case scenario, since an escort/agency is struggling financially, they may have the women steal your belongings, credit cards etc.
Black-mailing is also a common thing to get money off of desperate customers.

The solution to all of these scams and worries is trust.
Here at 〇〇、we understand that honesty is the best policy especially in the long run with the customer. For any business to continuously grow, it requires the trust and understanding of the customer. 

We're here to help.

[Phone] (+81)3.5793.1515. | [OPEN HRS] 12PM-5AM(GMT +9)
[skype] japaneseescortgirlsclub
75 mins 21,000 yen
90 mins 25,000 yen (Standard)
120 mins 33,000 yen
150 mins 41000 yen
180 mins 49000 yen

Very cheap!

and much much more!

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