• Mashiro is a genuine kinky pervert and her technique is first class.
    She has experience at massage parlor so is good at Feather Touch and professional massage.
    She also has experience in BDSM. With the knowledge of BDSM, she can handle any kind of fetish play, making her a true angel of pleasure!
    Mashiro, a must-reserve girl, awaits your call ASAP!
  • Mashiro, Tokyo
  • Experience an enticing exploration of forbidden desires with Ruri, a captivating Soft Femdom's fetish escort. With expert touch and restraint, she offers intense and erotic sessions that go beyond limits. Indulge in pure bliss and ultimate ecstasy in Osaka with Ruri's mastery of Prostate massage and BDSM.
  • Ruri, Osaka
  • What you can enjoy with Nobara at Soft Femdom:
    Softcore (or hardcore) BDSM, Male squirting, Submissive esxperience, any kinds of fetish pay, Foot fetish, Golden shower, Prostate massage, Handjob, Tie & tease, etc...

    NOT included:
    Fully naked (Topless but wearing a G-string), Blowjob, sexual intercourse, anal intercourse, Touching, Kissing.
    Touching, kissing, licking, these are strictly prohibited.
  • Nobara, Tokyo
  • Hey there, perverted gentlemen( ・ω・ )ノ
    I'm MioNeko-chan, your cock trainer!
    You found my page because you have fetish plays that you can't tell anyone about but you have a desire to do this kind of things or you want to cum with your ass, didn't you?( ᎔˘꒳˘᎔)
    Here at "Soft Femdom" is the place where you can be led to uncover all that you want to do.
    Let's unleash your mind and body and cum to a whole new world...♪*゚
    Be a pervert, gentlemen... ☆*.
  • MioNeko, Tokyo
  • Hi, I'm Renka.We all have different interests and fetishes.I will make you fascinated with me no matter who you are.I'll give you a special testicle massage to knock you out.The best time will be delivered to you.From the beginner to the experienced submissive.I am capable of handling all of you.
    Please leave it all to me.

    Spend a pleasant and sensual time with me.
    The more you reveal yourself, the more you will be transported to a world of pleasure.
  • Renka, Tokyo
  • Ageha (Age 20) / Height 163cm / Bust 82cm (C cup) / Waist 56cm / Hip 88cm / Weight 52kg
  • Ageha, Kobe
  • Welcome to the world of Fetish Escort Nana, a highly skilled and experienced therapist based in Osaka. Nana specializes in pushing the boundaries of pleasure with her expertise in various fetishes.
  • Nana, Osaka
  • Miro (Age 19) Height 162cm / Bust 83cm (B cup) / Waist 56cm / Hip 83cm / Weight 49kg
  • Fetish Miro, Osaka
  • Wui is the symbol of "Kawaii" in Japan.
    Her sexy figure, despite her youthfulness, is a must-see.
    She has a polite and calm personality, an eagerness to learn, and a bottomless curiosity.
    She has a real cute anime voice that you have only heard in anime, and she invites you into her anime world.
    Her eyes, which seem to mysteriously draw you in, give you a sense of her own unique worldview.
  • Wui, Tokyo
  • Nobara belongs to "Soft Femdom" in Tokyo.
    Soft Femdom course is the best base to start your kinky journey, where you can express your innermost desires.

    Prostate massage, Male squirting, Facesitting, Tie & Tease, Nipple torture, Golden shower, Footjob, Handjob, Strapon, Spanking, Candle play, Cosplay...

    She can visit: Shinagawa, Shinjuku, Shibuya, Ginza, Gotanda, Akibhabara, Haneda Airport, Ueno, Roppongi, Azabu, etc...
    Feel free to ask us about delivery-area.
  • Nobara, Tokyo
  • Kotori is a petite, Moe-Moe type E-cup girl with outstanding cuteness.

    Anime-like a younger sisterly looks is jut Kawaii.

    22-year-old "Kotori" loves to be pampered, lovey-dovey and mistress, who gives you a sweet and thick lover's feeling.

    Good at three plays.
    Golden shower
    Intimate teasing

    Kotori is also good at fluid-based (golden shower, saliva) play.

    If you like kinky pampered girl, she is the best choice.

    You are sure to be a repeat customer.
  • Kotori, Tokyo
  • Mai is an absolute beauty, very styrish dominatrix.
    Her natural charm and amiability is obvious from the moment you greet her.
    Her looking and body are amazing far beyond your expectation.
    She has a deep love for Femdom and BDSM to fulfill man's fantasies.
    If you want to indulge in any unworkable fantasies you have not shared with anyone, Mai is the perfect escort for you.
    Experience the unexperienced pleasure you never had with Mai.
  • Mai, Tokyo
  • Pervert gentleman Masochist Visitor
    Hi everyone!!Thank you for your interest in me My hands never stop teasing you.I will make you melt, make you feel dirty, and even make you crazy inside your brain I love to see your reaction.Your cute reaction makes me want to make you feel even better.Let's spend an extraordinary secret time together!
    I am looking forward to meeting you all!
  • Rei, Tokyo
  • Hi there.
    Thank you for finding me.

    I'm well experienced in Softcore BDSM.
    I'm all about making a gentleman like you feel good, so don't hesitate to share your wildest fantasies and fetishes with me.
    Show me what you really are, that you keep hidden from everyone else.

    I know your body will feel tired after ejaculating.
    If you'd like, I can even give you a relaxing massage to help you unwind.
  • Sae, Tokyo
  • Our shop is an Femdom Escort PRIVATE BDSM CLUB (Mistress Only),
    a meeting and dispatch Escort type in Nippombashi, Osaka, Japan.
    Please enjoy to spend a sweet and sadistic fetish time with the Mistress.
  • Mistress Kira, Osaka
  • Our shop is an Femdom Escort PRIVATE BDSM CLUB (Mistress Only),

    a meeting and dispatch Escort type in Nippombashi, Osaka, Japan.

    Please enjoy to spend a sweet and sadistic fetish time with the Mistress.


    Hard play, Fetish play, Couple training, Multiple training, Group training
    Please enjoy to extraordinary session with the Expert Fetish Mistress.
  • Mistress Len, Osaka
  • Our shop is an Femdom Escort PRIVATE BDSM CLUB (Mistress Only),
    a meeting and dispatch Escort type in Nippombashi, Osaka, Japan.
    Please enjoy to spend a sweet and sadistic fetish time with the Mistress.
  • Mistress Sakura, Osaka
  • Whether it is for your personal, dark desires or you wish to learn or experience something new and exciting to spice up you. You will learn to me how to serve and obey properly.
    I am strong beauty and friendly with a presence of a true and sophisticated, assertive lady.
  • Mistress Kira, Osaka