JHEG Minami-Kanto

  • Fubuki is an experienced femdom escort with glamorous E-cups and bob haircut that matches well.
    Lives for torturing men's erogenous zones.
    With her hospitality, feeling pleasure when men feel good is her passion.
    Well experienced in hardcore BDSM.
    She will make your ass, nipples, and glans all feel good with the gap and quality of her freshness, eroticism, and skill.
    Especially good at prostrate massage and nipple teasing.
  • Fubuki, Tokyo
  • SakiHi, I'm Saki♡I am often told that I am calm or healing.My charm point is my smile.I am a little shy and may get nervous at first, but I will do my best to give you a good massage.
    I want to soothe your daily fatigue and satisfy your lust.I am sure you will be satisfied with my massage!Please have fun with me♡
  • Saki
  • Chiemi is a lovely, feminine, and healing Japanese escort, providing sensual massage.
    A gentle and tender personality
    Full of kindness and hospitality
    Very lovely smile
    These three charms will be the relaxation of your mind.
    She will provide you with a warm and hearty erotic massage that will feel like time flows slowly.
    We promise you that it will be a cozy and pleasant time!

  • Chiemi, Asian
  • HinanoHinano is available at Heavenly Erotic Massage in Tokyo Erotic Massage focuses on handjob and massage that improves male function.
    The massage relieves daily fatigue and doubles the normal stiffness of an erection.
    It also has the sensation of doubling the normal amount of ejaculation and orgasm.
    And they will also offer Body to body erotic massage, Testicle massage, Glans massage, Body licking, Detox massage, Kaishun erotic massage.
  • Hinano
  • Mii is highly recommended to both Japanese gal lovers and those of you who never played with Japanese gals yet.
    She is a super cute girl who embodies the youth of today's Japan!
  • Mii, Asian
  • Miko, a Japanese idol of the BDSM world, is now working at Soft Femdom as a femdom escort in Tokyo.
    Combining the features like a pure and innocent Japanese idol with the height and D-cups like a gravure model, Miko has an outstanding figure.
    She has never been ranked below the top 3 at any of the femdom escort agencies she has worked at.
    Born to be a dominatrix, she is a natural dominatrix!
    She is all about torturing and making men feel good.
  • Miko, Asian
  • Rena is a Tokyo femdom escort who reigns as the "footjob queen" in the Japanese femdom world.
    She is not only the footjob queen, but also offers a wide range of customized femdom/BDSM services, expressions, and characters to create a one-of-a-kind experience for her clients✨️
    Her pure mind and willingness to femdom will captivate any man's heart.
    As a footjob master, she is able to manipulate her feet freely, and you will be impressed by her movements.
  • Rena, Asian
  • Thank you for finding my profile♡
    I'm Riria!
    I love to talk, so I'd love to chat and get to know you!
    I'm into anime, manga, and video games, so please let me know your recommendations! Of course, I'd love to know a lot more about you!
    Let make you feel good by doing something erotic♡
    I love to tease your nipples...to see you writhing♡
  • Riria, Asian
  • I'm Tsukino!I love to to do boty to body massage.I have a background in a massage therapist, so I'm confident with a massage!I'm still getting used to this job but want to spend an intense time together.19
  • Tsukino, Asian
  • Let me heal your whole body with my fluffy soft I-cup tits.I hope we can spend a special time just for the two of us25
  • Manaka, Asian
  • Rei is a real Japanese kawaii anime girl with black pigtails looking so good on her.
    She just wants to see a man feel good and his expression during teasing his nipples.
    Her cute and hard working attitude will make you go beyond the limit of your excitement.
    Want to be teased by a quiet-looking Japanese young girl, you have no choice but to play with Rei.
    What kind of expression does she have as she licks and plays with your nipples?
  • Lei, Asian
  • A 19 year old active university student with a strong sexual desire and an attractive body, Kohaku is a beautiful young girl therapist.
    Not only neat and clean, but also she has a very good looks and body shape!
    She is very charming and friendly, so we recommend her to those who want to be soothed both mentally and physically with a long time course.
    Nice and tight curves and large but well-shaped G-cups.
  • Kohaku, Asian
  • Miyu is incredibly cute and has a beautiful, well-proportioned body.
    Her smile makes you fall in love with her at once.
    Her breasts are so beautifully shaped that you would think she is from anime, and her skin is smooth and silky like a hard-boiled egg!
    Her looks are even better than idol cuteness, making her style a miracle.
    Miyu has a cheerful and positive personality and is passionate about playing.
    Alos, she is very curious and will take your fetish to the next level.
  • Miyu, Tokyo
  • This femdom escort, Nanase, is composed of the following equation.
    Kawaii x Erotic x Hentai x Beauty = Nanase
    Although she is innocent and modest, she is also naughty and mischievous.
    Feather touch, testicle massage, and nasty talk are her specialty that we proudly recommend.
    With an outstanding body figure, 200% cuteness, and a kinky and technical play style, she is a triple-threat.
    Nanase is the one you will want to see again and again.
  • Nanase, Tokyo
  • Mai is an absolute beauty, very styrish dominatrix.
    Her natural charm and amiability is obvious from the moment you greet her.
    Her looking and body are amazing far beyond your expectation.
    She has a deep love for Femdom and BDSM to fulfill man's fantasies.
    If you want to indulge in any unworkable fantasies you have not shared with anyone, Mai is the perfect escort for you.
    Experience the unexperienced pleasure you never had with Mai.
  • Mai, Tokyo
  • Sumire is a femdom escort at the highest class who will make you get a boner the moment you meet her!
    The embodiment of the ideal woman who combines elegance and eroticism in her visuals and atmosphere.
    Her sexual passion is also instinctual, and she will lust after you until your sperm is empty!
    Sumire's eroticism! Can you endure it?
  • Sumire, Asian
  • Koyomi belongs to "Soft Femdom".
    Soft Femdom course is the best base to start your kinky journey, where you can express your innermost desires.

    Prostate massage, Male squirting, Facesitting, Tie & Tease, Nipple torture, Golden shower(+1,100 JPY), Footjob, Handjob, Strapon, Spanking, Candle play, Cosplay...

    She can visit: Shinagawa, Shinjuku, Shibuya, Ginza, Gotanda, Akibhabara, Haneda Airport, Ueno, Roppongi, Azabu, etc...
    Feel free to ask us about delivery-area.
  • Koyomi, Asian
  • Hi, I'm Yurako♡ I love to do dick teasing.Want to be my slave?Call me!I have some cosplays like the pictures I posted.If you want me to dress up in it, please let me know in advance.21
  • Yurako, Asian
  • Kurea is an exquisite and flawless Tokyo femdom escort.
    Her looks is exquisite and just beautiful, and her slender figure is outstanding.
    You would never guess from her beauty, but her suggestive pheromones and greed for femdom are the top of "Soft Femdom".
    She also has solid knowledge and experience in BDSM.
    With a wide range of femdom plays such as prostate massage, fisting, spitting, footjob, etc., Kurea is ready to accept any kind of pervert.
  • Kurea, Tokyo
  • Miyano belongs to "Soft Femdom".
    Soft Femdom course is the best base to start your kinky journey, where you can express your innermost desires.

    Prostate massage, Male squirting, Facesitting, Tie & Tease, Nipple torture, Golden shower(+1,100 JPY), Footjob, Handjob, Strapon, Spanking, Candle play, Cosplay...

    She can visit: Shinagawa, Shinjuku, Shibuya, Ginza, Gotanda, Akibhabara, Haneda Airport, Ueno, Roppongi, Azabu, etc...
    Feel free to ask us about delivery-area.
  • Miyano, Asian
  • Kaho is an incredibly charming Tokyo escort who has a magnetic aura that boys just can't resist! Her natural charm will captivate you instantly.
    With her feminine and slender figure, complemented by perfectly shaped D cup breasts, she is a true sight to behold.
    When it comes to teasing, Kaho's girlish reactions ignite your desires even further.
    From the expressions to her choice of words, she knows exactly how to bring out their inner desires.
    Kaho is one of the best dominatrixs around!
  • Kaho, Asian
  • Hey there, perverted gentlemen( ・ω・ )ノ
    I'm MioNeko-chan, your cock trainer!
    You found my page because you have fetish plays that you can't tell anyone about but you have a desire to do this kind of things or you want to cum with your ass, didn't you?( ᎔˘꒳˘᎔)
    Here at "Soft Femdom" is the place where you can be led to uncover all that you want to do.
    Let's unleash your mind and body and cum to a whole new world...♪*゚
    Be a pervert, gentlemen... ☆*.
  • MioNeko, Tokyo
  • Miyabi is a beautiful and genuine femdom escort who enjoys palying submissive men.
    Glamorous beauty is her external feature.
    Her soft F cups and beautiful leg lines are very arousing.
    Her personality is very smart and bright.
    She is a fabulous escort who is always attentive to the needs of those around her.
    You will be invited to a pleasure beyond your expectations with her gentle smile to your desires.
  • Miyabi, Asian
  • Hi, I'm Renka.We all have different interests and fetishes.I will make you fascinated with me no matter who you are.I'll give you a special testicle massage to knock you out.The best time will be delivered to you.From the beginner to the experienced submissive.I am capable of handling all of you.
    Please leave it all to me.

    Spend a pleasant and sensual time with me.
    The more you reveal yourself, the more you will be transported to a world of pleasure.
  • Renka, Tokyo
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