Zhenar, Bangkok

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Breve descrição
Hi there! I'm Zhenar, a ladyboy who loves to travel, eat good food, sightsee, party, and cuddle. I stand at 174cm and weigh 55kg.
I'm an adventurous person who loves to explore new places and try new things. I'm always up for a good meal, whether it's trying out a local specialty or dining at a fancy restaurant. I also enjoy sightseeing and learning about the history and culture of the places I visit.
Informação Adicional
Hi there! My name is Zhenar and I'm a ladyboy. I stand at 174cm tall and weigh 55kg. I love to travel and explore new places, especially when it comes to finding great food and experiencing local cultures. I also enjoy sightseeing and discovering all the hidden gems a city has to offer.
When I'm not out and about, I like to relax and have a good time. I enjoy partying and dancing the night away with my friends, but I also love nothing more than cuddling up with someone special and watching a movie.
I'm looking for someone who shares my passion for adventure and trying new things. Someone who can make me laugh and who I can connect with on a deeper level. If you're looking for a fun-loving, affectionate ladyboy who's always up for a good time, then let's get to know each other!
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