• Miyu is incredibly cute and has a beautiful, well-proportioned body.
    Her smile makes you fall in love with her at once.
    Her breasts are so beautifully shaped that you would think she is from anime, and her skin is smooth and silky like a hard-boiled egg!
    Her looks are even better than idol cuteness, making her style a miracle.
    Miyu has a cheerful and positive personality and is passionate about playing.
    Alos, she is very curious and will take your fetish to the next level.
  • Miyu, Tokyo
  • This femdom escort, Nanase, is composed of the following equation.
    Kawaii x Erotic x Hentai x Beauty = Nanase
    Although she is innocent and modest, she is also naughty and mischievous.
    Feather touch, testicle massage, and nasty talk are her specialty that we proudly recommend.
    With an outstanding body figure, 200% cuteness, and a kinky and technical play style, she is a triple-threat.
    Nanase is the one you will want to see again and again.
  • Nanase, Tokyo
  • Fubuki is an experienced femdom escort with glamorous E-cups and bob haircut that matches well.
    Lives for torturing men's erogenous zones.
    With her hospitality, feeling pleasure when men feel good is her passion.
    Well experienced in hardcore BDSM.
    She will make your ass, nipples, and glans all feel good with the gap and quality of her freshness, eroticism, and skill.
    Especially good at prostrate massage and nipple teasing.
  • Fubuki, Tokyo
  • Hi, I'm Renka.We all have different interests and fetishes.I will make you fascinated with me no matter who you are.I'll give you a special testicle massage to knock you out.The best time will be delivered to you.From the beginner to the experienced submissive.I am capable of handling all of you.
    Please leave it all to me.

    Spend a pleasant and sensual time with me.
    The more you reveal yourself, the more you will be transported to a world of pleasure.
  • Renka, Tokyo
  • Sakuya is a classy and unbelievably beautiful Japanese escort.
    Indeed, this dominatrix is nothing less than perfection!
    She is a top notch escort with a tall, outstanding body figure that is both attractive and erotic.
    The alluring pheromones overflowing from her entire body will drive you crazy.
    Whispering in your ear, real ASMR will lead you to brain orgasm.
    It is rare to find such a lady who is so beautiful, yet humble, lovely and gentle!
    After all, Sakuya is a very lusty mistress.
  • Sakuya, Tokyo
  • Kurea is an exquisite and flawless Tokyo femdom escort.
    Her looks is exquisite and just beautiful, and her slender figure is outstanding.
    You would never guess from her beauty, but her suggestive pheromones and greed for femdom are the top of "Soft Femdom".
    She also has solid knowledge and experience in BDSM.
    With a wide range of femdom plays such as prostate massage, fisting, spitting, footjob, etc., Kurea is ready to accept any kind of pervert.
  • Kurea, Tokyo
  • Wui is the symbol of "Kawaii" in Japan.
    Her sexy figure, despite her youthfulness, is a must-see.
    She has a polite and calm personality, an eagerness to learn, and a bottomless curiosity.
    She has a real cute anime voice that you have only heard in anime, and she invites you into her anime world.
    Her eyes, which seem to mysteriously draw you in, give you a sense of her own unique worldview.
  • Wui, Tokyo
  • Hi there.
    Thank you for finding me.

    I'm well experienced in Softcore BDSM.
    I'm all about making a gentleman like you feel good, so don't hesitate to share your wildest fantasies and fetishes with me.
    Show me what you really are, that you keep hidden from everyone else.

    I know your body will feel tired after ejaculating.
    If you'd like, I can even give you a relaxing massage to help you unwind.
  • Sae, Tokyo
  • Hey there, perverted gentlemen( ・ω・ )ノ
    I'm MioNeko-chan, your cock trainer!
    You found my page because you have fetish plays that you can't tell anyone about but you have a desire to do this kind of things or you want to cum with your ass, didn't you?( ᎔˘꒳˘᎔)
    Here at "Soft Femdom" is the place where you can be led to uncover all that you want to do.
    Let's unleash your mind and body and cum to a whole new world...♪*゚
    Be a pervert, gentlemen... ☆*.
  • MioNeko, Tokyo
  • Mai is an absolute beauty, very styrish dominatrix.
    Her natural charm and amiability is obvious from the moment you greet her.
    Her looking and body are amazing far beyond your expectation.
    She has a deep love for Femdom and BDSM to fulfill man's fantasies.
    If you want to indulge in any unworkable fantasies you have not shared with anyone, Mai is the perfect escort for you.
    Experience the unexperienced pleasure you never had with Mai.
  • Mai, Tokyo
  • Hello,
    I want to see, stare at, touch, feel, know, taste, and look at every inch of your mind and body.
    That is me, Mikuru, such a femdom escort.
    Loves to explore the point where your heart and body melt.
    While licking your neck and whole body, Mikuru will gradually get to know your sweet spots by searching for them.
    Let Mikuru discover all your weak points.
    Teasing and tickling you, she also likes to play tricks on you and dominate your pleasure.
    Let her control your ejaculation.
  • Mikuru, Tokyo
  • Kotori is a petite, Moe-Moe type E-cup girl with outstanding cuteness.Anime-like a younger sisterly looks is jut Kawaii.22-year-old "Kotori" loves to be pampered, lovey-dovey and mistress, who gives you a sweet and thick lover's feeling.Good at three plays.
    Golden shower
    Intimate teasing

    Kotori is also good at fluid-based (golden shower, saliva) play.

    If you like kinky pampered girl, she is the best choice.

    You are sure to be a repeat customer.
  • Kotori, Tokyo
  • Mashiro is a genuine kinky pervert and her technique is first class.
    She has experience at massage parlor so is good at Feather Touch and professional massage.
    She also has experience in BDSM. With the knowledge of BDSM, she can handle any kind of fetish play, making her a true angel of pleasure!
    Mashiro, a must-reserve girl, awaits your call ASAP!
  • Mashiro, Tokyo
  • Kanon, a Soft Femdom Fetish Escort from Kobe, enjoys keeping her clients intrigued and anticipatory. She teases with her silhouette, lips, and movements, and occasionally introduces a strapon for variety. Kanon is eager to learn about clients' secret fantasies and create memorable experiences.
  • Kanon, Kobe
  • Aika, a Kobe fetish escort, is known for her captivating charm, elegance, and adventurous spirit in indulging a variety of fetishes. She guides and encourages those interested in dominance, golden showers, or exploring new experiences, promising a thrilling journey into a world of shared fantasies.
  • Aika, Kobe
  • Experience an enticing exploration of forbidden desires with Ruri, a captivating Soft Femdom's fetish escort. With expert touch and restraint, she offers intense and erotic sessions that go beyond limits. Indulge in pure bliss and ultimate ecstasy in Osaka with Ruri's mastery of Prostate massage and BDSM.
  • Ruri, Osaka
  • I am a refined Mistress from Barcelona, and a woman of enquiring mind, passionate about BDSM and life.
    Fierce yet sensitive, a woman drawn to experimenting, full of surprises and someone who likes to play with the limits, that's me.
    My bet's on a BDSM that's alive. A BDSM that is creative, passionate and intense.
    I like playing with fire -and not only figuratively-, I like to very carefully develop the whole psychological background of the session and I enjoy myself quite a bit whilst on it.
  • Spanish Dominatrix, Barcelona
  • Madam Mysteria is a professional dominatrix and session wrestler from the Czech Republic, now based in Athens Greece, travels worldwide.
    Her speciality is domination wrestling combined with bondage, spanking, trampling, CBT, nipple play and more...
    If you are an admirer of strong muscular women she is the right Mistress for you.
    She has the mental and physical power to make you her toy.

    Muscular woman - powerlifter, bodybuilder - 5'5 / 165cm - 156lbs / 71kg
  • Madam Mystera, Athens
  • Ageha (Age 20) / Height 163cm / Bust 82cm (C cup) / Waist 56cm / Hip 88cm / Weight 52kg
  • Ageha, Kobe
  • Welcome to the world of Fetish Escort Nana, a highly skilled and experienced therapist based in Osaka. Nana specializes in pushing the boundaries of pleasure with her expertise in various fetishes.
  • Nana, Osaka
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