• Jessica
  • Light Brown24 With her spontaneous and enthusiastic character with an interested and open personality, Jessica will give you an unique high class escort experience.

    Gfe, ModelEnglish, ThaiAsianBangkok
  • Brittany
  • Light Brown23 Elegant and sophisticated, Brittany is a true gem of an elite model who is one of the finalist in a modelling contest hosted by a well-known adult magazine company. She is the ideal choice for someone who likes being pampered by a beautiful and refined young escort model.
    Gfe, ModelEnglish, ThaiAsianBangkok
  • Beth
  • Light Brown24 Beth is a part time escort model who you can only imagine her in your wildest dreams. Sexy, charming, slender, natural and incredibly attractive. With her sensual nature, she truly loves to seduce men as well as being pampered by them.

    Gfe, ModelEnglish, ThaiAsianBangkok
  • Annabelle
  • Light Brown23 Slender and absolutely gorgeous! Annabelle is a sweet, deeply charming young escort lady with a beautiful and sweet face. Always being police and terribly sweet, Annabelle has an absolutely heart-melting smile.

    Gfe, ModelEnglish, ThaiAsianBangkok
  • Andrea
  • Light Brown24 Escort model Andrea is a captivating high class escort with a magnetic personality and a contagious laugh. You will find her interesting enticing, exquisite, fun yet relaxing and above everything a true beauty.
    Gfe, ModelEnglish, ThaiAsianBangkok
  • Amanda
  • Light Brown24 Are you looking for a sensual escort model companion who is not only tender but also a passionate lover. Then you should not miss the chance to get to know Amanda. Gfe, ModelEnglish, ThaiAsianBangkok
  • Alyssa
  • Light Brown26 Alyssa brightens up every occasion with her graceful beauty and elegant personality. Featured in a number of local films and having modelling assignments all over the world.

    Gfe, ModelEnglish, ThaiAsianBangkok
  • Alicia
  • Light Brown24 For the discerning gentlemen who cherish the company of a confident, sexy and attractive escort model, Alicia is a perfect match for you.

    Gfe, International, ModelEnglish, ThaiAsianBangkok
  • Adrianna
  • Light Brown26 Like a sexy bombshell, Adrianna elegant and feminine presence is intoxicating. An accomplished lingerie and commercial model, getting featured in numerous popular men's magazine as well as coming on top in some of the well-known modelling contests hosted by the famous men's magazine company.
    Gfe, ModelEnglish, ThaiAsianBangkok
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